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  • Clothes

    Fashion addict ? Come and discover our collection of clothing for woman the most trend. We selected you the must-have models of the season and the best of fashion. Whether you rather chic, casual, fashion or girly, here is all what you need !!

  • Shoes

    All women love shoes !! Come and discover our collection of shoes for woman the most stylish of the moment. We selected you the must-have of the season. Whether you rather classy sporty, casual-chic or girly, here is all what you need. Treat yourself a dose of style and sophistication with our fringed sandals, our lace boots, our offsets, ...

  • Accessories

    All women love accessories ! This season, we dare wholesale jewelry, wholesale necklaces and large rings. There is something for all styles ! This is the perfect season to stand out and attract attention, so dare wholesale jewelry, more discreet jewelry, painted pockets, textured, colorful, oversize bags trendiest of the moment. You will inevitably find your happiness among Lysboon, so go to shop !

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