Founder of Lysboon Collection - Cátia Salgueiro

Lysboon Collection

The brand was born in September 2015 in the small Parisian apartment of our founder Cátia Salgueiro.

Cátia, then aged 29, leaves Lisbon and her family to go to France and join Christophe.

At the time, Cátia did not speak French and decided to return to school to learn the language and move towards the nutrition sector. Living in Paris and in daily contact with this universe bubbling in the heart of the French capital, she realizes that her real passion has always been fashion and the feminine world that never really gave up.

It was then, and with the help of Christophe, that she put in line her own shop : Lysboon Collection. Christophe takes care of the development of the site, leaving all his creative freedom to Cátia.

The name was not chosen by chance. She wanted to make a nod to her hometown.

Cátia wants above all that women feel sexy and feminine by wearing Lysboon Collection. Her inspiration comes from the woman herself and her curves.

To give life to her creations, it is natural that she turns to Portugal and works with a workshop, Master in textile making.

If you are looking for a beautiful piece created in very limited quantities, you are at the right place. Come and visit our site to find the outfit that makes you dream.